Whistleblowing Service

Our full-service solution for managing whistleblowing is user-friendly and simple to manage.

Benefits of our whistleblowing service

Expertise in case management

Our experts are independent parties who will take care of the initial assessment and evaluation of incoming cases. We can also help with investigations of specific cases.

Easy implementation

KPMG’s Whistleblowing Service is easy to implement and use. With a minimum of effort you will soon have an effective and secure whistleblowing service in place.

Full-service solution

With KPMG’s Whistleblowing Service, you can be sure that your company has a fully approved, digital whistleblowing function at a reasonable cost.

Why is a whistleblowing function needed?

The purpose of an independent whistleblowing function is to make it safe and secure for employees in companies or organizations to report their observations without risk of reprisals. Fraud and irregularities cause great damage. For companies they can lead to a drastic loss in value and in the public sector, welfare provision is negatively impacted when tax money is wasted. Even disrespectful behavior, such as bullying and harassment, harm those who are exposed to it. To counteract such unwanted crimes and misconduct in businesses and society, it is important that people who witness or are exposed to it dare to speak up.

How does the whistleblowing service work?

How it works
  • A notification is received by KPMG and is registered in the system. The whistleblower receives a confirmation within 7 days that the notification has been received.
  • KPMG processes and assesses the case.
  • The assessment of the case is sent to you along with the original notification.
  • KPMG provides feedback to the whistleblower on how the case has been dealt with. This takes place within 3 months of the notification being received, in accordance with applicable law.
What is included
  • KPMG provides a complete solution with a web-based reporting system.
  • You receive a unique web link and a unique phone number for your own reporting channel.
  • The web solution and telephone service are available 24/7. It is also possible to arrange in-person meetings during office hours.

The fee for the whistleblowing service is SEK 2,900 per month and you subscribe for one year at a time. The fee includes:

  • a complete and secure web-based solution that protects your organization and whistleblowers.
  • processing and assessment of incoming cases.
  • clear and simple instructions on how to use the whistleblowing service.

What if a case requires further investigation?

If any case requires deeper investigation, we can assist with practical matters such as interviews, reviewing documents, analysis, reporting, and recommendations. Our independent, experienced specialists will help you with the case from start to closing.

Interested in a free consultation and demo?

We work with you to identify what your organization needs to do to meet the regulatory requirements and which solution may be best for you or answer other questions you may have.

Help to tailor the service to your organization

Tips and advice from experts with vast experience

Assistance with implementation and getting up and running

Olof Matson

Responsible – KPMG Whistleblower Service – KPMG Sweden


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