Whistleblower service – all-inclusive and secure

Elevate your whistleblowing with KPMG's all-encompassing whistleblower service. Manage and evaluate incoming cases with the utmost security.

Why a whistleblower channel?

By implementing an independent whistleblower channel, you create a secure and protected way for employees to confidentially report suspected irregularities without fearing retaliation. This proactive approach ensures that you gain the necessary assistance to uncover dishonest behavior within your company or organization before it escalates and results in significant harm.

If your company boasts a workforce of at least 50 employees, you are required to comply with the new legal mandate to have a whistleblowing channel up and running. The employee count encompasses all employees, including part-time and hourly staff.

Advantages of KPMG's Whistleblower Service

Expert Guidance

Rely on our team of independent experts to skillfully assess and appraise incoming cases. Additionally, we offer assistance in conducting investigations when needed.

Easy Setup

Our whistleblower channel can be seamlessly integrated into your operations within a matter of days. We guarantee a swift and hassle-free implementation.

All-inclusive service

Gain access to a digital reporting system tailored for whistleblowing, allowing you to efficiently manage and evaluate incoming cases.

Here's How It Works:


When someone whistleblows, whether through your web-based channel, a phone call, or a physical meeting with KPMG, we promptly receive and record the whistleblowing incident as a case in our system. The whistleblower is assured of an acknowledgment of their report within 7 days.


KPMG takes the reins in managing and evaluating the case.


KPMG's assessment, coupled with the original report, is promptly transmitted to you for your next steps.


The whistleblower receives feedback concerning KPMG's handling and evaluation. Our expert team remains readily available to offer further assistance if an investigation is desired.

All-Inclusive Package

Exclusive web link and phone number for your customized reporting channel.

Professional handling and assessment of incoming cases.

Concise and straightforward guidelines for internal communication, facilitating the utilization of the whistleblower service.

Round-the-clock, 24/7 accessibility.

A comprehensive and secure web-based solution, ensuring the safety of both whistleblowers and your organization.

When a Case Demands Deeper Investigation

In the event of a case requires a more extensive examination, our team is available to provide support through interviews, comprehensive analysis, and valuable recommendations. Our independent and experienced specialists are here to guide you through every stage of the whistleblowing process, from inception to resolution.

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Our experts are at your service to address any queries and expedite the setup of your whistleblower channel. Get in touch with us below, and together, we'll identify the optimal solution for your needs.

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Assistance with implementation and getting up and running

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Responsible sales – KPMG Whistleblower Service – KPMG Sweden


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